Artist Statement

Process is a big part of my art practice. I use unusual screenprinting techniques and try to push the limits of the medium, looking for, and being open to, the happy accidents that happen along the way. It’s not so different from how I try to live my life— trying to maintain hope and look for unexpected pleasures in a world that we can’t always control.

Screenprinting is traditionally a very flat and graphic medium.  In part, that’s why it works so well as a tool for activists. Whenever I tried to create work like this, it failed and felt forced. My passion lies in experimenting and trying to create depth in this inherently flat medium. Over time, I’ve moved away from trying to inject politics into my art.

My art is about finding the spaces where we can breathe between the social change work. It usually starts with photographs that are manipulated and changed through the screenprinting process. It’s about trying to find and value beauty in small, unexpected places.

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