What we do

SKARIE Studios collaborates with and houses NoMüNoMü, an intersectional artist collective directed by MICA CP Alumnus, Joseph Orzal. As SKARIE’s operating partner organization, NoMüNoMü occupies the front section of the space, and works with artists and curators to organize radical exhibitions challenging “the perpetual systems of oppression within and beyond the art world.”

Our collaborative work includes: organizing exhibitions, providing a gathering space for local artists and changemaking organizations, as well as executing local messaging campaigns through the use of the SKARIE screenprinting studio.

“We’re a radical art space for creators who rethink the art experience. We’re here to challenge the institutionalized art world through community, transparency and social justice, without performative wokeness.”

To learn more, explore NoMuNoMu’s website or feel free to connect with us here.

Visit our partner NoMü NoMü